We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about our fire, water and storm damage services. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions that you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Damage

Is S. Robideau Construction licensed and insured for fire damage restoration?

Yes! Our Minnesota Contractor License number is 20130818 and we are fully insured to meet your restoration needs.

Does S. Robideau work with insurance claims?

Yes! We work with numerous insurance companies to estimate, document, and coordinate your claim. With over a decade of experience in the restoration field, we are a preferred vendor for a wide range of insurance companies. Rest assured that you are in good hands.

Can you handle all my restoration repairs?

From start to finish, we take care of all your home repair and restoration needs. As a full-service restoration company, our employees are on the job from initial board up to move-in.

What about my things?

Your personal property is safe with us! From taking inventory and packing to restoring and cleaning, S. Robideau stores your possessions in our climate-controlled warehouse. We safely return your things once we finish repairing your property.

Will I have access to my belongings while they are in storage?

Yes. We can schedule time for an S. Robideau representative to meet with you and provide access to your requested items.

Can S. Robideau board up a home?

Yes! Our prompt professionals will show up in less than two hours from your initial call to board up broken doors and windows. We can tarp your roof for a weather-tight envelope and provide temporary demo and shoring for a safe and sound structure. Our speedy service can secure your home and prevent further damage.

How long will my restoration project take?

All fires are unique in size, severity, and construction complexity. We work quickly and offer aggressive timelines for returning clients to a restored home. Please speak with your S. Robideau representative for a written schedule and project timeline.

Have you ever worked on a project like mine?

While every project is unique, S. Robideau has worked on thousands of restoration projects of all shapes and sizes. We have most likely worked on a project similar to yours and our restoration experts promise to provide the attention and detail we would give to our own home.

The mortgage company’s name is included in my insurance payment. What should I do?

We can provide your mortgage company with the necessary claim documentation for processing the insurance payment. We are happy to work on your behalf throughout the mortgage endorsement process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage

Are your technicians and company certified for water damage?

Yes! Our water damage experts are individually certified and S. Robideau is an IICRC Certified Firm.

What is IICRC?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) develops and monitors educational programs and standards for inspection, cleaning, and disaster restoration industries.

I have water in my home! What should I do?

This is an emergency situation – time is of the essence. Our 24-hour professionals will arrive within two hours of the initial call to map the moisture with testing equipment, remove standing water, apply an anti-microbial agent, and begin the dehumidification process. A quick response can prevent microbial growth and secondary damage. Call S. Robideau at 763.434.1418 and we’ll be on our way!

When do I pay my deductible?

The deductible is your responsibility and should always be paid before restoration services begin.

Do I need an estimate before you start the dry-out process?

Before any repairs are made, we reach an agreed estimate with your insurance company or an authorization to begin repairs. After an adjuster is assigned to your claim, we explain our progress up to that point and receive authorization if further steps are needed.

How long will my property take to dry?

The time to completely dry a structure depends on temperature, humidity, saturation, material, and other variables. Through consistent monitoring and evaluation of the drying process, we can determine when drying is complete. On average, a typical home water damage situation will dry out in about three days.

Can I turn off the equipment at night?

It is important to keep our equipment running 24/7. The equipment is strategically placed to encourage optimal drying, and turning it off will only increase drying time, microbial growth, and secondary damage.

Should I be worried about mold?

Mold growth depends on how long the damage was left untreated. If a water leak is tended to quickly by a restoration professional, mold is generally not an issue. Mold can be avoided through careful inspection and anti-microbial treatment.

How will I know when my property is dry?

Proper testing with our specialized equipment is the best way to determine if everything is dry. Remember, just because something looks and feels dry doesn’t mean it is completely dry!

Frequently Asked Questions about Storm Damage

Our home was damaged in a storm and requires immediate attention. Can you help?

Yes! Our 24-hour storm damage professionals will arrive within two hours of your initial call. Storms can create unique problems that a general contractor is unable to handle. S. Robideau is fully equipped to remove trees from roofs, extract water, board up broken doors and windows, set up temporary power, and tarp your roof to create a weather-tight envelope.

Is S. Robideau Construction licensed and insured?

Yes. Our Minnesota Contractor License Number is 20130818 and we are a fully-insured restoration contractor.

With so many storm chasers knocking on the door, what makes S. Robideau different?

We do not solicit door-to-door! S. Robideau has earned Preferred Vendor status with numerous insurance companies due to our high standards, attention to detail, communication with clients, and proven performance over time. We are frequently referred by insurance companies, adjusters, agents, and cities throughout Minnesota and North Dakota.

Can I change my shingle and siding colors?

Yes. Your insurance provider will pay for equal or like kind and quality materials on your home. An S. Robideau professional will provide you with colors and samples of products needed to restore your home.

How long will my roof take to replace?

We complete most roofing projects in one day. Materials, dumpster, and permit will be dropped off the day before we are scheduled to start. On the scheduled completion date, our production coordinator will complete a 10-point inspection and the dumpster company will be called for removal. A final inspection will be scheduled. We will discuss your completion timeline if your roof is extremely large or features pitch or design complications.

What is depreciation?

Depreciation is the value reduction of an asset due to usage, passage of time, wear and tear, or obsolescence. Most insurance policies include depreciation on selected items in their estimate. Recoverable depreciation is refunded to the homeowner when repairs are completed.



If you have experienced fire, water or storm damage, S. Robideau is on call 24/7. We'll arrive within 2 hours of your initial call.



From the simple replacement to rebuilding your entire home after a fire, our years of experience make us the perfect choice in your time of need.



We inventory, clean and store your personal possessions. Your property will be secure in our climate controlled warehouse.



Our IICRC certified technicians are available 24/7 to provide evaluation, water extraction, dehumidification and complete structural drying.



Whether your home or business has sustained fire, water, or storm damage, our cleaning professionals guarantee a complete and thorough job.



We serve residential and commercial customers throughout the Twin Cities with high quality indoor and outdoor painting.



Whether you need immediate repair or eventual renovation, we are fully equipped to handle all your roofing, siding, and window-related needs.



We have the crew and the capabilities to complete your deck, standalone structure, or addition to the highest standards.

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